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Case studies, practical guides and evidence about the benefits of walking neighbourhoods

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Throughout Britain and beyond there are many examples of projects and initiatives that have made neighbourhoods better for walking.  These case studies describe briefly some of the improvements that have been achieved and how the work was done, in the hope that it will provide inspiration for others. Further ideas, practical guides and evidence about the benefits of walking neighbourhoods can be found here.

Walk 21

Walk21 is the international charity dedicated to ensuring the right to walk and opportunity to enjoy it is supported and encouraged for everyone across the world. There are a growing number of excellent resources that can help steer the delivery of good quality walkability and encourage more people to walk.

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Town and Country Planning Association - Green Infrastructure research database

A database of documents, case-studies, videos, tools and other information about green infrastructure and its benefits.

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Place Alliance

The Ladder of Place Quality
A tool for decision-makers to use when considering the quality of places.

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Public Health England – Improving access to green spaces

An evidence review was commissioned by PHE, intended primarily for directors of public health, public health teams and local authorities.

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