About GM Walking

Welcome to Greater Manchester Walking - a hub of information to help you walk, stroll, amble, mooch and connect

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We have fantastic, diverse places and greenspace across Greater Manchester (GM) and we want to support you to explore and enjoy them. Whether you’re looking for a walking route to go exploring, a walking group to connect with others, or if you want to help someone to walk more we hope this website will help you. There are also lots of tips and resources to help you make walking part of your everyday life.

Our ambition is to be the first walking city-region, with the greatest number of people routinely walking for pleasure, personal or environmental benefit or travel convenience.

How, and why, are we doing this?

In Greater Manchester we recognise the exceptional role walking can play to support increasing physical activity levels across the population as we strive to create active lives for all with Greater Manchester Moving. By investing in walking and complementing wider investment into infrastructure and localities, we are working to create a social movement for walking that will help to reduce health care costs caused by physical inactivity and improve the overall health and wellbeing of our residents.

We’re asking you to think about the work that you do, and what you can do, to make it easier for people to choose to walk. We would love to work with people and organisations that can enable more people to walk more. We want to create places that are more attractive, safe and supportive of walking. Whatever your level of influence, we want walking on your agenda!

How can you be part of it

1) Join the Greater Manchester Walking Voice

Be part a web of people and organisations across Greater Manchester supporting and promoting walking. Find out more here.

2) Upskill yourself on how to lead walks with people in your community

Visit the Resources section on our website to get started.

3) Want to be involved but not sure how? Contact us here.