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What is GM Walking?

Whether you are looking for a walking route to explore your local area or somewhere new or want to help someone you know join a local walking group we hope this website will help you.

We also have lots of tips and resources to help you make walking part of your everyday life and ways in which you can contribute to creating places that are more attractive, safe and supportive of walking.

Greater Manchester has the ambition to be the first walking region to help get Greater Manchester Moving.  We have fantastic, diverse greenspace and places across Greater Manchester and we want to support you to explore and enjoy them as well as make walking part of everyone’s daily routine.

GM Walking Animation: Taking small steps together for a walkable Greater Manchester

Across Greater Manchester we’re designing moving back into life and making it everybody’s business.

Many aspects of modern life make it harder to live a healthy and active life: convenience food, sedentary jobs with long hours, the types of transport on offer and even the entertainment that is most easily accessible are all designed to keep us sitting down. 

With such a complex problem we must address the policy, environmental, social and individual factors that encourage or prevent active lives. This may sound fairly straightforward, but in reality, it relies on everyone making small steps to make it their mission to get others moving; employers, planners, GPs and community groups can all influence how much people move every day. 

In Greater Manchester we recognise the exceptional role walking can play to support increase physical activity levels across the population.  So, we’re asking you to think about the work that you do, and what you can do to make it easier for people to choose to walk, to choose being active and choose to make Greater Manchester, a happier and healthier place to be. Whatever your level of influence, we want walking on your agenda! 

You can also find out more about the GM Moving Strategy 2021-31, and all the programs of work on the website here

Take a look at our animation below, and share with your colleagues

Walking Region Ambition

By investing in walking and complementing wider investment into infrastructure and localities, ‘GM Walking’ aims to create a social movement for walking that will help to reduce health care costs caused by physical inactivity and improve overall health and wellbeing of our residents.

How will we realise our ambition?

  • £2 million investment has come from the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership to support our aim to become the country’s first walking city-region.
  • We’ve committed to become the world’s first Daily Mile city-region, encouraging everyone regardless of age, ability or personal circumstance to get moving and run, jog or walk for 15 minutes every day.
  • Greater Manchester is investing in infrastructure too with Greater Manchester’s Cycling and Walking Commissioner Chris Boardman leading the introduction of more than 1,000 miles of new cycling and walking routes across our city-region through the Bee Network. The funding matches levels seen in cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam, and will create the UK’s largest joined-up walking and cycling route network.

The journey so far...

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Join the Greater Manchester Walking Voice

Be part a web of people and organisations across Greater Manchester supporting and promoting walking

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Places to walk

Check out our routes pages for where to walk: Find these here 

Ideas and inspiration

We have lots of suggestions for apps and activities you can use: Find these here

Take a look at some inspiring walking case stories on the GM Way page here

Want to join a walking group?

We have groups to cater for every level of walking in each area of GM: Find these here

Want to help and encourage others to walk more? 

We have informative downloads and videos available to enable you to do just that! Find these here

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