GM 'Virtual' Walking Festival

From October 12-25th we're holding a virtual walking festival! Sign up now and plan your walks

Path to Heaton Mersey Common #Stockport

Path to Heaton Mersey Common cc-by-sa/2.0 - © David Dixon - – cropped from original

Bollin Valley Way #Cheshire

Bollin Valley Way fingerpost and kissing gate, Vardon Bridge cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Peter Turner - – cropped from original

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Let’s Walk Fest Fortnight - New for October 2020

We're excited to announce that the 'Let's Walk' festival starts on 12th October. If you sign up in advance and choose some walking activities or targets before the festival begins, you can start planning in when and where you can go for your walks.

Let’s Walk Fest 2020 – Be part of it!

12th to 25th October

No matter whether you’re a stroller, roamer, shuffler, moocher or a marcher the Let’s Walk Fest has something for you. The Fest fortnight is an opportunity to set yourself (or your family) a walking goal and discover the simple joys and benefits of walking with an option to raise money for local causes too.

It’s simple to sign up and join in – why not involve neighbours, friends and family to take part too and together have fun and re-discover, or perhaps discover for the first time, the joy of the journey!

Greater Manchester takes on the World!

Your walk contribution will go towards the larger aim which is to help Greater Manchester walk a combined distance all the way around the world, totalling 25,000 miles! 

Your walks will also count towards the total for your Borough, so every step counts!

The link to sign up is now live here!

Inspire your family & help raise money for charity...

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a catastrophic effect on charities and at the same time has shown us all how much we need one another and are stronger together.
You don’t have to raise money for a charity to take part, but the Let’s Walk Fest team want to spread the joy of walking across Greater Manchester and we thought it would be great if we could combine the Fest with an opportunity for participants to raise some money for local cause too and spread the joy a bit further.

Key Features of the Let’s Walk Festival

  • 1 mile = 2000 steps
  • Walking activity can also be entered as a time e.g. 20 minutes.
  • The website will calculate how far has been walked in that time.
  • Any amount of time counts! Any walking – #ThatCounts!
  • You can take part in more than one activity throughout the festival.
  • But please don’t enter the same walking activity for more than one goal!
  • Participants can use a phone, tablet or computer to enter their walking activity
  • Don’t forget to Log in (link here) and add your walk as soon as you get home! 

Top Tips For workplaces:

  • As well as taking part in the Let’s Walk Festival fortnight, on Wednesday 14th and 21st we will be showcasing workplaces as #WorkplaceWednesday
  • Encourage all your staff to log activity and get involved for a specific challenge or take a walk at a particular time to create a workplace buzz.
  • Don’t forget to log your walking activity and share via social media.
  • You can add a description and photos via the log activity page too.
  • See further information on the download sheet for organisations below

Want to get involved but no access to a phone, tablet or PC?

  • Use our log sheet (below) to print off and manually record your walks
  • Get someone to register on your behalf and input your walks into the website

Activity sheet for manually recording your walks

Download the sheet

What matters is that if they are feeling well and are able, everyone still has the opportunity to have fun as they move and walk – realising the many health and wellbeing benefits of being more physically active. There's plenty of walking activity ideas over on our GM Walk Fest website.

Join in!

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