Yandene's walking story

"It's an experience I won't forget in a hurry"

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Meet Yandene...

“I was in an unproductive rigid routine of work, home, sleep, etc. when I first joined the group. I often struggle to complete things in their entirety, and to be honest I’m a bit of a self proclaimed ‘quitter’!

I still remember my very first hike though, up Rivington Pike, part of the West Penine Moors. Geography is not my forte so I had no idea where that was prior to joining. It still amazes me the amount of stunning scenery there is right on the doorstep.

But in September 2019, myself and some of the other ladies conquered Snowdon in Wales. That was such a huge achievement for me, not giving in to the pain or the tiredness. Let’s just say it’s not an experience I’ll forget in a hurry.”

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Yandene's walking story