A Walk Through Your Local Christmas Market

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Walking through your local Christmas market is a great activity to do with family.

For grown-ups, there’s the chance for a bit of Christmas shopping and an opportunity to feel the Christmas spirit. Kids love the bright colours, fun rides and delicious chocolate. It’s also another great reason for them to stretch their legs and run around—and for the adults get to do the same! A walk through your local Christmas market really brings the family closer together—did someone say matching snowman jumpers?

There are a few things you can always expect while walking through your local Christmas market. Here are some of our favourites:

Lots of Big Smiles and Excitement

A weekend walk to the Christmas market always starts in the same way, whether it’s with the kids, friends, or a partner. Everyone’s excited! Everyone’s smiling! It’s contagious, this Christmas spirit.

The walk is good for warming everyone up a bit, as it’s definitely going to be cold out there.

Sausages, Sausages, Sausages

It’s always good to arrive hungry, because you’ll be spoilt for choice with the food options. A popular Christmas market food choice is a sausage (or two). You can find a German bratwurst stall at Christmas markets all over the region. They’re always a popular choice and they’re easy to munch on the go.

And if you’re not big on sausages, there are always other delicious options too. More tastes and dietary requirements are being catered for every year. Who said pizza isn’t for Christmas?

"Walking through your local Christmas market is a great activity to do with family."

Fun and Unique Presents

Christmas markets are full of cool and quirky presents. From beautifully handcrafted keepsakes, knitted jumpers and scarves to the kind of playful things you only really get to see once a year. You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice.
Taking your time browsing and doing a little bit of shopping is the perfect opportunity for a good walk around. Shopping is a physical activity in itself, after all!

Chocolates You’ve Never Heard of Before

Christmas is the time we can finally admit we love chocolate as much as kids do. As you’re walking through the market, you’re sure to spot a special bar of chocolate that you’ve probably never heard of—and just can’t resist!

Every Christmas market has at least one or two delicious chocolate and sweets stalls. They make the perfect treat after you’ve worked up an appetite roaming around, browsing the stalls and walking off your German bratwurst.

The kids will definitely be expecting you to visit these stalls too. It’s probably why they’re so excited!

Hot Roasted Chestnuts

A portion of hot roasted chestnuts always adds an extra warm and festive feeling to the Christmas market experience. The delicious, rich and comforting aroma of the cooking chestnuts is sure to whet your appetite. That is, if you have any room after the sausages… and the chocolates…

Head over and grab a portion, while they’re hot!

Delicious Hot Drinks

Always round off your Christmas market with a hot chocolate. With marshmallows and whipped cream, if you’re so inclined. And a tot of brandy for the grown-ups. A warming drink is a lovely way to relax and chill out after an hour or two of walking the market.

As well as connecting you with your family and friends, a walk through your local Christmas market connects you to your community too. Christmas markets make an accessible trip for experienced and new walkers alike. Whether you’re new to walking or a long-time walker, the Christmas markets make a fun, homely and exciting environment to explore. Grab your partner, friends, neighbours, kids or all of them and go out and find the things you love about your local Christmas market—on foot, of course!

"The walk is good for warming everyone up a bit, as it’s definitely going to be cold out there."

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