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Community Health Awareness Walk (CHAW)

Medicare Foundation UK CiC


4-5 miles

Sat 4th May 2024 at 10:30

Walk description:

Women/Girls, Sickle Cell Patients
Community Helath Awareness Walk (CHAW) to take place at the Boggart Hole Clough on the 4th May. To be family oriented however target most especially women, girls and children as well as sickle cell patients to encourage movement and raise awareness on health issues and sickle cell/blood donation. There is a surge in numbers of the BAME community in North Manchester thus the need to raise awareness on Sickle cell as it’s very prevalent within the BAME. And encourage women, girls and children to be active and make it a lifestyle to improve the quality of life, mental health and mental well being.

Our organisation is based in Charlestown and we seek to promote good health and well being. We do this through creating awareness about Sickle cell, blood donation, healthy eating, regular health checks and physical activities which all links up to help combat the surge in most of the illnesses such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, mental health, etc that the BAME community face. As well as help bring movement into the community.

Starting point
Lakeside Café, Boggart Hole Clough
Charlestown, Manchester
M9 6DF

End address
Lakeside Café, Boggart Hole Clough
Charlestown, Manchester
M9 6DF

Walk leader: Naana Hagan-Cherry


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