Walk and Talk for Bereaved Carers

Signpost Stockport for Carers


1-2 miles

Fri 3rd May 2024 at 10:30

Walk description:

This walk is for bereaved carers and is run by Signpost Stockport for carers. The aim of this group is to get carers out of the house and give them the opportunity to talk about their loss with their peers. This walk is open to carers and former carers registered with Signpost Stockport for Carers.

Starting point
Fletcher Moss Gardens
M20 2RQ

Walk leader: Briony Farrell

Contact: briony@signpostforcarers.org.uk

Booking link: https://signpostforcarers.org.uk/signpost-event/walk-and-talk-for-bereaved-carers-8-2/

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