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Greater Manchester Walking Voice wants to support more walking across Greater Manchester

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What is GM Walking Voice?

Greater Manchester (GM) Walking Voice wants to support more walking across Greater Manchester by creating a web of individuals and organisations that are sharing stories and evidence of what is working, talking about the benefits and opportunities, and therefore influencing decisions that empower more walking!

GM Walking Voice is open to people and organisations who live and work in Greater Manchester who have a common interest in promoting walking and getting involved in the range of activities described above. It is expected that a lot of the action and interaction of the members will be conducted online, either through email groups, our website, or on social media platforms. However, there will be events to bring together members when needed to discuss particular opportunities, areas of work or to celebrate progress.

Role of individual members:

  • Provide subject matter expertise, best practice, advice and local insight
  • Contribute to the conversation for awareness, discussion and collective learning
  • Be a channel for information exchange between member organisations and wider networks
  • Demonstrate a genuine interest in the initiatives and outcomes of GM Walking Voice
  • Be a walking advocate

Benefits of being part of the network:

  • Gain insight and learning from other individuals and organisations supporting walking across GM
  • Keep informed about training, workshops and seminars on subjects such as walking infrastructure, Active travel, health and greenspace
  • Contributing to a strong collective to influence policy to promote walking in GM

You can read the GM Walking Voice 2021 Manifesto here

Steering Group

We have a steering group that meets bi-monthly, which includes representation from:

  • Living Streets
  • The Ramblers
  • Sustrans
  • City of Trees
  • GM Moving (Walking Ambition)
  • Transport for Greater Manchester
  • The Christie NHS Foundation Trust
  • Groundwork Greater Manchester

However, our wider web is made up of 500+ individuals and organisations including volunteer walk leaders, local authority partners and community organisations, and we want to grow bigger and bigger!

Get involved!

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