Grant funding story #7: Booth Centre

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Walking Grant funding: Covid 19 success stories
#7 Booth Centre

This is the seventh in a series of blogs looking at how voluntary and community organisations helped with funding from GM Walking Grants, have adapted to help their community during Covid 19.

Here’s GM Walks Q&A with Booth Centre

  • Context / overview of what you do:

The Booth Centre is a community centre run with and for people affected by homelessness.  We provide a safe place where anybody who is homeless or at risk of homelessness can access all the support they need to move forward in their lives.

  • Why did you apply for the grant and what are you wanting to achieve with this approach?

We applied to Greater Manchester Walking for a grant to set up a Walking Group for people affected by homelessness. During lockdown when we were not able to run our usual creative wellbeing and sports activities at the Centre, we wanted to provide people with a safe alternative to get active, improve their physical and mental health, socialise and have fun!

The grant from Greater Manchester Walking has provided travel passes for people affected by homelessness attending our Walking Group, enabling people to take a bus or tram and get out beyond the confines of the city centre and their usual daily lives and routines. People have been able to explore the amazing green spaces our city has to offer, benefitting from the fresh air and greenery and gaining a positive new outlook.

We have also enjoyed lovely hot drinks on our walks, thanks to your grant funding.

  • Who did you hope to engage with?

Our Walking Group has engaged people affected by homelessness, from people who are rough-sleeping, to those in insecure accommodation, to people who have a tenancy and just need some support to maintain their home.

  • How the approach has been adapted?

Our Walking Group is a brand new activity at the Booth Centre and one we hope to continue moving forward. Each week people coming to the Walking Group have picked a new location to visit, and have so far explored:

  • Boggart Hole Clough
  • Angel meadows
  • Heaton Park
  • Chorlton Water park x2 (revisted)
  • Fletcher Moss
  • Debdale Park
  • Clayton Vale
  • Salford Quays.


  • Any examples of how it’s working so far?

Everyone taking part in the Walking Group has loved the experience; even whilst battling our rainy Manchester weather!

As well as everyone enjoying the outdoors and each other’s company, during the walks our Project Worker has been able to chat with everyone on a one to basis and explore if they need any other help or support. Through engagement with the group, we have been able to help people to move forward in their lives through supporting them with their finances, employment and housing.

  • Any quotes from users / walkers?

“Good for motivation and great for the mind and wellbeing” – Anthony

“I met new friends through the walking group” – Andy

  • Where can we find more information, and your contact details?

To find out more about the Booth Centre and the activities on offer please visit or

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