Greater Manchester ‘Mile a Day’ Ambition: Support brief

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Greater Manchester Walking is looking for help to progress our ‘mile a day’ ambition.

We require assistance with community engagement and product development. Can you help?

Intended Outcomes

  • Gain insight from communities in target areas of Greater Manchester regarding the support required to enable them to organise a ‘mile a day’.
  • Provide recommendations for the design and development of an approach/resources/training that can be used independently so that ‘mile a day’ events can be established at scale across Greater Manchester.
  • Give consideration to the name for the concept.
  • Approach/resources/training to be designed and developed by October 2020

Approach for this work

The output of the work is to produce useful support that can help replicate at scale the numbers of ‘mile a day’ events and opportunities in workplaces and communities across Greater Manchester. It is anticipated that increasing and sustaining regular uptake of ‘mile a day’ walking at scale will contribute to the walking ambition and increasing physical activity for a range of health, wellbeing, social and economic outcomes.

Within the broader ambition, the scope of this element of the work needs to be focussed on the ‘mile a day’ organised event/activity model.

How to Apply

Submit an approach to engage with target community groups to explore what support would be required and how a resource would be used independently by community partners. Please also outline how recommendations would be made to GM Walking.

This should be no more than 2 sides and include:

  • Organisation details
  • An overview of the approach including some deliverables or outputs where possible
  • Examples of community engagement experience
  • Costs for the engagement work, broken down into key areas of your approach

Expressions of interest should be received by Monday 16th March 2020 at 10am.

Email us:

We will be in touch to appoint an organisation to undertake this work by Monday 23rd March 2020.


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