New Year, New Routes

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Happy New Year, everybody! We hope you enjoyed Christmas and celebrated all through New Year’s Eve and Day.

January is always an interesting month. It’s typically the “new year, new you” time of year. Here at GM Walking though, we’re feeling more of the “new year, new routes” energy. Just a bit more adventurous walking could be all the change you need.

January is a great time to try new things—routes included, and we’ll tell you why.

Find Adventures Big and Small

When we say “new routes,” we don’t necessarily mean a 20 mile hike. You can start a lot closer to home.

Try a new walk to work, or when on the school run. New routes are great for keeping you on your toes and can make a simple activity like walking quite exciting. There are often lots of ways to get somewhere and it’s nice to explore these different routes to change things up a bit.

This kind of exploration helps make comfortable and confident walkers of all of us.

A Good Form of Exercise

Alternative routes might be longer than you’re used to. Chances are, the reason you take the route you do to work or the shops is because it’s the quickest. Try giving yourself a bit of extra time and take a little longer to get to your destination. Walking an extra 5 or 10 minutes every day and getting a little bit more exercise is good for the mind and body.

Beat Boredom

People often find themselves bored at home or at work. This kind of boredom can make people restless or agitated. A good way to beat boredom is to take a random walk. Just anywhere! Your lunch break is a good opportunity to do this. It is easy to miss hidden gems around the workplace because so much time is spent inside. Give yourself something to think about by taking a walk to somewhere new. Some of us also find our everyday routes boring after doing them for some time. Choose a different way and you might find it more exciting.

Get to Know Your Area More

Some of us have lived in our communities for years and we have long followed our own routines. But exploring a new route will help improve your knowledge of your area. Sticking too much to your typical walking routines may mean missing some of the amazing things in your local area that are just waiting to be found. People have made new friends on new routes or found their new favourite pubs and coffee shops… why not you?

This January and for the rest of the year, give “new year, new you” a different meaning and have some fun! It might still be cold and wet in our region, but it’s still a great time to be outside. It’ll do some good for your physical and mental health—and this is something we’re always trying to improve this time of year, isn’t it?

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