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Let your phone be your guide to the GM Ringway walking trail

Go Jauntly is a free walking and wellness app that brings you happiness outdoors. Discover urban walks, nature trails, historic tours and puzzle hunts in-app. Plus create your own routes and share outdoor adventures with friends and family.

Go Jauntly x GM Ringway 

For anyone wanting to explore more of Greater Manchester’s endless greenspaces, waterways and countryside views, the GM Ringway – Greater Manchester’s walking trail – offers the perfect solution. It’s now a whole lot easier to get outdoors, thanks to GM Ringway’s new collaboration with Go Jauntly, which means anyone can follow a walk on their phone, with simple photo-led guides. Discover the GM Ringway walks.

The GM Ringway has partnered with the award-winning Go Jauntly app to offer more than 200 miles of walks around the city-region. As all of the routes are accessible by public transport, you can join each walk straight from a train station, tram stop or bus stop.

Go Jauntly guides you on the 20 stages of the trail, using pictures and route maps. The app also includes ten shorter GM Ringway ’Short Adventures’, one for each borough, including several step-free routes, enabling everyone to sample the trail.

GM Ringway Explorer

Complete any 5 of the GM Ringway Short Adventures to fulfil the challenge. There are 10 challenges to choose from; 5 of them are step-free!

Download the Go Jauntly App onto your phone:


We hope this will encourage people to explore some of the most beautiful parts of Greater Manchester. There are lots of barriers to walking such as where to go, how to get there, and is there a loo or a café on the way. Thanks to the Go Jauntly app, we’ve taken those worries away.

Andrew Read, GM Ringway’s project lead

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