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Try Orienteering in Greater Manchester Parks

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Orienteering is for everyone – Permanent courses to try in Greater Manchester parks

The joy of orienteering is getting from A to B by whichever route you choose. Orienteering is inclusive:  anyone aged from 8 to 80 can give it  go. Orienteering is usually an outdoor activity, but it can be done indoors too. Parks are good because in addition to the parkland they often have paths and facilities.

There is no reason why anyone, including someone with a disability, who wants to get from A to B their way shouldn’t take to orienteering.

Did you know that you can walk the permanent orienteering courses that are available in lots of Greater Manchester parks?

Find out more about the parks with the easiest and most accessible permanent courses here

A series of orienteering coaching videos have been filmed in Greater Manchester Parks.

Those videos are still available on the MDOC YouTube channel:

They introduce orienteering and explain how to get started, either at an event or by using one of some 55 Permanent Orienteering Courses in parks in and around Greater Manchester.

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