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Our new campaign to inspire a ‘walking culture’ launches today!

‘A good stroll is good for your northern soul’, we’ll have you know! And we’re sending this exact message as part of our major new campaign to create a walking culture throughout our region. We’ll be sharing true stories from people from across Greater Manchester highlighting their personal reasons for walking.

Launching today, our campaign follows a surge in appreciation of exercise during the COVID-19 lockdown period. A lot of us have had to find new ways and new motivation for getting moving. The Greater Manchester Way aims to inspire a newfound love for walking, encouraging everyone to get outdoors more for their health and well-being.

You can keep an eye out for the campaign on On Demand TV, radio, social media and billboards all around our region. The Greater Manchester Way will remind everyone of the very real benefits of a simple walk –  from health improvements to social togetherness and environmental benefits. Starring the ‘walking stories’ of people across the city-region, we’ll be celebrating the simple (and often hidden) joys of walking. 

One of the local stars of this campaign is Claire Walmsley from Trafford, who transformed her life by starting her own mums and babies walking group called Rollers and Strollers.

Claire said: “Starting a pram-walking group for new parents not long after having my baby may have been a slightly crazy, sleep-deprived idea at the time, but it’s grown into something wonderful.” 

The Greater Manchester Way campaign forms part of the local plan to improve everybody’s health. It’s part of our ambitious plan to become a walking city-region and create a culture and environment that supports walking as a part of daily life. We want you to find your way and see where it takes you!

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester and avid supporter of the campaign said: “I think this campaign is a wonderful and welcome step in the right direction for Greater Manchester going forward in the future.”

“We have ambitious aims for Greater Manchester to become the first walking city-region in the UK, empowering 75% of people to move more by 2025 to get active on a day by day basis. With the launch of The Greater Manchester Way, that goal is closer than ever.”

To become the nation’s first walking city-region, we need you! Your support will be so important. 

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