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Our Greater Manchester Moving partners, Transport for Greater Manchester have some excellent resources and information to get you walking more, even if it’s just the first and last mile of your journey.

The Bee Network, unveiled in 2018 by Cycling and Walking Commissioner Chris Boardman, is a plan to revolutionise travel across the city-region, making active travel the number one choice for travelling to work, to school and to the shops. But we can only do this if trips by foot or by cycling are a safe and pleasant experience.

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Explore your neighbourhood in 15 mins

Just 15 minutes by bike, trike or wheelchair or on foot covers most local trips.

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Latest News

Find all the latest Active Travel news from TfGM here

Cycle and Stride is an exciting new project to help people and groups become more active through cycling and walking providing:

  • Grants which help you and your community get moving; whether it be for cycle parking, Walk Leader training or access to cycles
  • Guided rides and walks

Register your interest in the next phase of the Cycle and Stride project which will be in Autumn 2021

School Streets

Greater Manchester to create 50 School Streets – enabling walking, scooting and cycling to school to be prioritised over driving

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