Bolton HF Walking Club

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The club, which was established in 1922, has around 400 members, the majority living in Bolton and surrounding areas.

The club’s main aim is to foster enjoyment and appreciation of the countryside which we do principally through a regular and varied programme of walks sent out to members every two months. Details of forthcoming walks are available on the Walks Programme on our website –


The majority of our walkers are based in Bolton, but a few live in the surrounding areas e.g. Darwen, Lancashire, north Manchester etc.

Our walks:

There are walks on Sundays, 4 or 5 different walks on Wednesdays, a Thursday evening walk and a Saturday walk.

We have an active committee and each grade of walk has a walks secretary who puts together a varied and interesting programme. Our members share a love of walking and the countryside. Many walks end at a pub or tea room where members can have a friendly chat.

The length of the walks varies from 3 or 4 miles to 12 miles.

Walks to suit:

All our walkers are adults. The Sunday walks are 7 to 10 miles long and start at 10 30am. There are 5 walks on Wednesdays which start at 10 30 am (10 am for the more arduous walks) and vary in length from 3 miles to 12 miles. There are Thursday evening walks in summer months which are 5 miles long and Saturday walks which are 6 to 7 miles long and start at 1pm.

Most of the walks are in Bolton and the surrounding areas but the Wednesday walks often travel much further afield e.g. Yorkshire Dales National Park, West and North Lancashire, South Lakeland etc

Our members share a love of walking and the countryside. Many walks end at a pub or tea room where we can have a friendly chat. Walkers find their own way to the starting point, usually by car, and we encourage members to car share. There are also several coach trips, rail rambles and some using local bus routes. Occasionally challenge walks and national and local trails are organised by members/secretaries.

Get in touch:

If you would like to join our walking group or find out more about it, please contact us on and please provide us with your phone number. One of our walk leaders will contact you as soon as possible.

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