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Welcome to Bury HF Walking Club.
We are a long-established walking club, based in Bury. We are indeed fortunate to have so much wonderful and varied countryside on our doorstep, or within easy driving distance. Our members appreciate this benefit and make great use of it. If you are of a similar mind, or if you would like to become more familiar with our countryside, you would be most welcome to join our friendly club and share the experience with us. Simply follow the link on our website www.buryhf.org

Our Walks

We have three separate groups, walking on a Saturday afternoon, a Sunday and a Tuesday. Each group offers a walk every week throughout the year.
The Saturday and Sunday Groups offer walks mainly in Lancashire and Cheshire. The Tuesday Group covers these areas too, but, particularly in the summer programme, also offers walks that are further afield, travelling to the Yorkshire Dales, the Peak Distict, the Lake District with occasional forays into North Wales.
The Saturday and Sunday Groups usually meet locally, in Bury whereas the walkers in the Tuesday Group travel directly to the starting point of the walk and meet there.
All our walks are led by experienced walkers.

Walks range from:

The walks with the Saturday Group range from 4-6 miles, with an Amble of no more than 4 miles once every month. Most of the walks start within a short driving distance of the centre of Bury.
The Sunday Group walks for a distance of up to 8 miles.
The walks of our Tuesday group range from 10 up to about 15 miles, depending upon terrain covered and the time of year.

Walks to suit:

Across the three groups, we have walks to suit most levels of fitness and ability.
The Saturday and Sunday Groups offer good walking in our wonderful countryside within roughly 30 minutes driving from Bury.
The Tuesday walks can be longer and/or more challenging.
We welcome all adults on all our walks, but dogs are not permitted.

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