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About Us

Girls Who Walk MCR is a weekly walking and social group for women and LGBTQ+ people in the centre of Manchester. This is a free and accessible way to meet new people, make new friends, get fresh air and enjoy some light exercise. There has been  have seen a huge turnout for each walk with over 50 women coming together each week to stroll through the city and get a coffee.

This has become a thriving community of women coming together each week to make new connections and combat loneliness in the city.

Girls Who Walk also host social events throughout the month with previous events including dinner, pottery painting and pumpkin carving.

Sunday Walks

Walks are every Sunday morning and takes place in the city centre, usually meeting at a coffee shop before heading off on the walk. Usually lasting up to an hour, walks are very accessible and suitable for all abilities.

Get involved

All walks and social events are posted on the Instagram page @girlswhowalkmcr. Walks are posted on a Thursday evening for the following Sunday and you can RSVP for the walks via CLIQ. Social events will also be posted on Instagram before being able to RSVP on CLIQ. Follow @girlswhowalkmcr for all the details!


Monthly Schedule 

There is a calendar shared to the groups socials each month so you can see when walks and social events are taking place.

Walks are in light pink and socials are in the dark pink.

Follow the link to the CLIQ page to find out more and RSVP.

Girls who walk manchester calendar nov 2023

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