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I’d Rather Be Outdoors

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Group Description

I’d Rather Be Outdoors is a friendly Nordic Walking Group with Beginners Courses and Regular Nordic Walks.  It is great exercise for all abilities and ages (18+) some of the benefits are:-

– Uses 90% of your muscles
– Burns up to 46% more calories than regular walking
– Takes pressure off your lower joints
– Great for anyone with back, neck or shoulder problems
– Fun, sociable, safe outdoor exercise

_ It combines exercise with nature which has been proven to boost mood

Our Walks

Our Walks vary in length from 60minutes to 3+ hours, taking place around the Stockport area and further afield.

Nordic Walking | I’d Rather Be Outdoors | Stockport (idratherbeoutdoors.co.uk)

Walking Range

The distance walked varies for a typical 90min walk the distance will be between 4.5km and up to 15km on a Longer walk (Typically 11km)


Stockport, High Peak, Tameside, Manchester and beyond

Walks to suit

The walks are suitable for Beginners, Intermediate and Experienced walkers, as you build up experience, fitness and confidence you can move up and down the walks as time and your availability permits.

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Get in Touch

If you’d like to know more about Nordic Walking please get in touch tim@idratherbeoutdoors.co.uk

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