Nordic Walking Tameside

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Nordic Walking Tameside
We’re a fun group who love the outdoors! Nordic walking is great for all ages (18+), fitness levels and abilities. We run free taster sessions. Poles are provided and you don’t need any special equipment or clothing!
We have walks 6 days per week across Tameside with walks starting from £4
Benefits of Nordic walking
– Uses 90% of your muscles
– Burns up to 46% more calories than regular walking
– Takes pressure off your lower joints
– Great for anyone with back, neck or shoulder problems
– Fun, sociable, safe outdoor exercise
– Makes it easier to walk further & faster but without as much effort
Contact us for more details or book a FREE taster at NordicWalkingTameside.co.uk/find-a-taster
Email NWTameside@gmail.com
Phone 07847 786 939
Join us and discover parts of Tameside you never knew existed!

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