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Foxdenton Hall #Oldham

Foxdenton Hall cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Bill Boaden - geograph.org.uk/p/3567780 – cropped from original

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This downloadable leaflet is one of a series that describes some easy walks around some of Oldham’s fantastic parks and countryside areas. They are designed to show you routes that can be followed until you get to know the areas and can explore some of the other routes and places within the parks.

Foxdenton Park

Foxdenton Park is an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of modern day Chadderton Life. The jewel in the crown is a 1620 hall, which is encompassed by landscaped gardens and an ornamental duck pond. The park is dominated by mature trees and attracts a rich array of bird, insect and mammal life. The park facilities include two bowling greens, a bowls pavilion, two tennis courts, a children’s play area, two football pitches, a cricket wicket, a woodland walk and a sensory garden.

Chadderton Hall Park

The park was opened on 19 May 1956 and is located on the former site of Chadderton Hall. Purchased by the council in 1935, the 6.47-hectare park has links to Tandle Hill Country Park, Irk Valley and Rochdale Canal. Facilities include a children’s play area, tennis courts, multi-games area, picnic site, woodland walkway and a local popular café.

Walks and accessibility

The leaflet outlines a total of four walk options. First of all, a ‘Green Walk’ of 1.3 km consists simply of a lap of Chadderton Hall Park. In contrast, the ‘Blue Walk’ starts with a lap of Foxdenton Park (which represents the second short walk option of only 1.1 km) but continues with a walk along the canal to and from Chadderton Hall Park (6.3 km in total). Finally, there is an 8.9 km ‘Orange Walk’ combining laps of both parks with the canal in between. We believe that the main paths within each park are wheelchair and pushchair-friendly but have not been able to verify whether the connecting canal towpath is accessible. There are also playgrounds with play equipment for children with disabilities in both parks.

Note that, according to Oldham Council, toilets are open at Chadderton Hall park when the café is open. The Foxdenton Park toilets (which includes disabled facilities) are open only when gardeners are in attendance.

How to get there

While easiest access is by bus to both parks, Mills Hill rail station is only about 0.6 miles / 0.9 km from Chadderton Hall Park.

To work out exactly how to get to and from the walk start points in each park, simply click the Google Maps links shown on this page. Then click ‘Directions’ and enter your postcode or location in the relevant field. For public transport options, click the train icon.

Alternatively, input the postcodes shown into the TFGM journey planner at https://my.tfgm.com/#/planner/

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