Walking, Whatever the Weather – A Poem

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Yesterday was National Poetry Day (1st Oct 2020), so here’s a poem on how walking gets us through the rainiest of days!

We’ve all heard the saying ‘come rain or shine’
No matter what we’ll keep going
But it’s never truer than in Greater Manchester
No matter what we’ll keep going
Come rain, shine, sleet or snow

In the turn of autumn
We definitely feel a chill
And muddy squelch, stained boots and a few drops of rain
But we keep walking still
Walking, whatever the weather

From Wigan to Oldham
Or Trafford to Bury
You’ll find walkers across our region
Rambling without a worry
Or a care in the world
Because in these moments, walking is freedom

We’re living through a pandemic
Staying apart but still together
Walking, rambling, mooching, striding
And it’s been difficult, but we’re walking, whatever the weather
With a Greater Manchester pride
Through the toughest season of all

So head outside
Come rain or shine, sleet or snow
To find some peace, solitude or company
And it doesn’t even matter how far you go
With a podcast, some music or the radio
A friend, a beloved pet, or by yourself

Grab your favourite ‘all-weather’ shoes
A coat, fleece or umbrella
Maybe even some sunglasses, you never know what to expect around here
Just go walking, whatever the weather.

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