Walking with Your Loved One

Ashton's Field #Salford

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Three Sisters #Wigan

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This week’s blog is something a little different. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air, here is our ode to walking!

Walking with Your Loved One

Taking a walk by yourself is great
For having a think
And doing a little reminiscing
Enjoying your favourite podcasts and songs
But walking with the one you love?
What a chance to celebrate
Celebrate the time you get to spend with them
Celebrate the peace
The laughter
The romance
The chance to get to know them
That little bit more
Though you already know they’re a gem
Head out for a walk today
Because it’s about more than just Valentine’s Day
It’s about being together
Gossiping about work
Being together
Tripping over the cracks and cobbles
Being together
And popping into your local corner shop
To pick up some sweets
Not just for the kids, but for yourselves too
Because today is for the adults
It’s your turn to play
Go for a walk because it brings you together
Find your rhythm in the streets
Enjoy the odd spot of sunshine
Take on the rain and win
Because home is yours
Whatever the weather
Head out and explore
The city or town you call home
Maybe even try somewhere new
Somewhere you’ve never explored before
There’s so much you’d love
If you grab your loved one’s hand and just head out the door.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


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