Why People Love Walking

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Evidence suggests humans have been walking (upright, at least) for six million years! That’s a long time we’ve had to fall in love with walking. In the modern day, there are lots of reasons people love it. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of things. We will have been out and about a lot less. So it’s easy to forget how much good walking can actually do. Just this little bit of movement, that comes quite naturally to a lot of us, can change our whole day. We did some digging into what people’s favourite reasons for walking are. Here are some popular ones… for a little inspiration just in time for spring.

Getting Some Headspace

Walking is known to have positive effects on mental health and happiness, so people walk to relax, destress and reflect. Many people enjoy walking with music, a podcast or in silence taking in surroundings. It’s a great way to experience the world around you. Nature-filled spots and urban landscapes are popular walking destinations and our region is full of them! In this difficult climate, while we’re less able to see many of our friends and loved ones, walking can help you feel close to the world around. And that can really make a difference. So head outside for a walk if you’re ever looking for a way of clearing your head, lightening the load and connecting with yourself. 

Travelling for Free

Walking is completely free. So of course people love the financial convenience of walking! Getting from A to B doesn’t require you to pay for any petrol. There are no toll charges. Nada! With the only cost being the shoes you’re in! Walking can be a brilliant way to save your extra cash for the things that really matter. Just don’t forget to buy a raincoat. It is Greater Manchester after all.

Connecting with Family and Friends

We found that walking is also popular because it’s a fantastic way to connect with our kids, partners, pets and friends we live with. While walking, we can find this connection through conversation and play. Walking, skipping, jogging, running… Taking to the streets with loved ones is a brilliant way to stay close and deepen those relationships. Yes, with pets too! Whether in rain, sunshine or snow, the best relationships are built through time spent together. Trying new routes or reliving familiar favourites with the people you love is a great way to stay close outdoors. 

Preparing for the Day Ahead

Walking to work (reverse commuting included), walking back from dropping the kids at school or just going for a general morning walk is fantastic for framing the day ahead. Whether it’s gently thinking about your working day ahead or preparing a mental shopping list, you can clear the cobwebs and put things into perspective. Many people especially enjoy a walk in the morning because it gives them clarity, confidence and a bit of quiet too.

It’s Better for the Environment

Looking to lower your emissions and make your carbon footprint smaller? Well, walking more often (instead of taking the car) is a great way to do that! That’s it! Research shows that car journeys are often made for trips that could be done on foot. Maybe we’re creatures of driving habit. But we can disrupt that right away by leaving the car at home whenever possible. You’ll likely find walking less stressful than driving, and you’ll definitely be providing some relief for the planet too!

Getting Some Exercise

Many walkers love walking because it’s an easy way to get exercise. Walking for just 10-30 minutes a day is proven to be great for physical health. It’s great because you can go at whatever pace suits you. A gentle walk or a power stroll, there’s no wrong way to walk for a little bit of exercise. It’s an exercise that helps improve your stamina and endurance. And it’s probably the most natural way of getting and feeling fit. You’ve just got to put on your shoes!

Walking is a brilliant activity because it is so accessible, relaxing and can be moulded to suit different personality types. Walking in a big group of friends. Walking by yourself with some headphones on. Walking to destress or to feel alive. Find your rhythm by heading out there to find out what you love about walking all over again!

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