Workplace Wednesday Walks

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Lots of workplaces in Greater Manchester are increasing their activity through walking.

Get your workplace on board and join in!

Walking is a great way to support an Active Workplace and a simple way to enable you and your colleagues to move more during their working day. Including more movement into your health and wellbeing plans can also support other areas such as employee mental health.

There are a number of ways this can be done, such as walking meetings, or why not take your one to one meetings outside and get some fresh air. This helps to make Active Workplaces the norm.

We are also surrounded by some amazing points of interest and landmarks in Greater Manchester, so why not use your lunchtime to go exploring your local area and learn more about the community and get 30 minutes of walking in.

Stepping away from the desk and being active can improve productivity and help you feel refreshed.

Why not use the Greater Manchester Walking Festival to kick off your Workplace Wednesday Walks? 

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