You can now submit your walking group or favourite route online

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We are excited to announce that we now have forms available online, for the general public to upload and share information about local walking groups, and favourite walking routes to the GM Walking website.

Walking Groups

We would love you to submit your group details so that your group can be promoted to new audiences. If you take this opportunity before 20th March 2020, you will benefit from the promotion of the Greater Manchester walking festival 2020.  The walking groups page can be found here: 

Please send any supporting images (max 3) by email to  separately so that we can add them on your behalf. Please ensure you let us know which group they are connected with.

Walking Routes

The walking routes form is a great way to share your favourite walks and encourage others to also experience what you love most about it. Why not get involved with the work to encourage others to explore the beautiful and diverse green and blue spaces across Greater Manchester, or discover the urban routes that help bring our city to life. The walking routes page can be found here.


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