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Hidden Walking Gems in Salford

Bluebells and a Church in Salford

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For those in the know, there are heaps of fantastic opportunities to walk around and within Salford.

Salford is made up of several smaller towns and villages which were once surrounded by countryside and you can travel between these places on foot, using footpaths which were once used by people travelling to and from work. Walking in Salford is a fantastic way of exploring your local area and spending some time outdoors with friends or on your own.

There is still a lot of green space left and these walk leaflets produced by the Salford Ranger Team for Salford City Council help find some of these lesser known little gems, uncover their history and how they have helped create the Salford we know today.

There are 9 fantastic walks around the Hidden Gems of Salford for you to explore and you can access them all here! We’re sure there is something new here for everyone; where will the Salford Hidden Gems take you?

Map 1: Worsley to Walkden               Map 2: Clifton to Farmworth

Map 3: Clifton to Wardley                  Map 4: Clifton to Swinton

Map 5: Worsley to Barton                  Map 6: Salford Crescent to Higher Broughton

Map 7: Eccles to Monton                    Map 8: Crescent Meadow to Salford Quays

Map 9: Irlams O’Th’ Height to Swinton



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