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Monthly Walking Challenge Calendars

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Top Tips for making the most of your Walking Calendar

  • Create a monthly walking challenge and send the calendar to your workplace, family or friends to join in
  • Print out the calendar, or you can save it to your computer and type in the boxes, or use the tick box!
  • You can record your mileage, steps or time for an accumulator challenge (20 minutes is about a mile)
  • Use the vast amount of ideas, suggestions and downloads in the GM Daily Mile Toolkit
  • Use some of our resources and activities to give purpose to your walks
  • Find new Walking Routes in your area, (or even add your own to our site!)
  • Check out the 30 GM Short walks on the Go Jauntly app
  • Make time to meet friends, family or colleagues out for a walk
  • Do a walk commute, even if it is back to the home desk!
  • Share your walks and photos on social media to inspire others. tagging us @GMWalks on twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #GMWalking

If the official start of British summer time wasn’t enough there are still plenty of reasons for you to do a seasonal walking challenge this April and get out in the sunshine!

  • Stress Awareness Month 2022 – there are lots of health benefits of walking including improved mental health and wellbeing. If you feel stressed, go on a short walk and see how it improves your state of mind afterwards!
  • Easter Holidays are the perfect opportunity to move a little more than usual. Why not set up an Easter Egg Walking Trail or challenge yourself to go on a walk every day of the holidays! For inspiration check out our walking routes page here
  • The clocks have gone forward which means we now have lighter, brighter evenings and longer days ahead. If mornings aren’t for you, why not try to get out for an evening stroll instead and find a good spot to watch the sunset.
  • 28th April – The Daily Mile celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary! Whether your child’s school is doing The Daily Mile initiative or not there’s lots you can do to continue to encourage more physical activity at home! Find out more about how you can help yourself and others move more at home and at school. Read more about The Daily Mile here.

May Monthly Walking Challenge

  • It’s National Walking Month! To celebrate the joy of walking there are lots of walks taking place across Greater Manchester throughout May as part of the GM Walking Festival. Let’s Walk and #KeepMovingThisMay! All Festival walks can be found here.
  • 2nd May – Spring Bank Holiday! Why not get out and about with family and friends? A stroll to the park, a wander discovering new routes, or a simply an amble to the shops.  For ideas and inspiration see what Festival walks are happening near you by clicking here
  • 9th – 15th May is Mental Health Awareness Week. One of the key benefits of walking and being outside is the positive effect is has on our mental health. Why not try a mindfulness walk this week? Find all information including tips, routes, and resources for Mindfulness Walking here
  • 16th – 20th May is Walk to School Week. Why not change your routine and meet friends to walk to school? If you don’t have children how about a walk before or after work? Or as part of a trip on public transport? There are so many wonderful places in and around Greater Manchester to choose from! Find more info about walking to school here.
  • Half term is also a great opportunity to spend more time outdoors and what better way to involve the whole family than walking! Find walking routes near you here.

Let us know what goals you’re setting yourself this month by tagging @GMWalks in your pictures or using the hashtag #gmwalks! We’d love to know how you get on.

Download your Walking Calendar for May below

Download the calendar here

We will be updating this page each month with new calendars, ideas, and challenges to encourage more walking across Greater Manchester!

You can also find information on the calendars in our monthly GM Walking Newsletters. Sign up by completing the ‘Stay in the loop’ form below.

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