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Monthly Walking Challenge Calendars

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Top Tips for making the most of your Walking Calendar

  • Create a monthly walking challenge and send the calendar to your workplace, family or friends to join in
  • Print out the calendar, or you can save it to your computer and type in the boxes, or use the tick box!
  • You can record your mileage, steps or time for an accumulator challenge (20 minutes is about a mile)
  • Use the vast amount of ideas, suggestions and downloads in the GM Daily Mile Toolkit
  • Use some of our resources and activities to give purpose to your walks
  • Find new Walking Routes in your area, (or even add your own to our site!)
  • Check out the 30 GM Short walks on the Go Jauntly app
  • Make time to meet friends, family or colleagues out for a walk
  • Do a walk commute, even if it is back to the home desk!
  • Share your walks and photos on social media to inspire others. tagging us @GMWalks on twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #GMWalking

March Walking Tips and Challenges

Read our tips and challenges below to help you make the most of walking this month

  • Celebrate International Women’s Day by joining Manchester’s Walk for Women. Find out when and where it starts.
  • March is Walk All Over Cancer Month. Join thousands of supporters completing 10,000 steps everyday to raise money for life-saving cancer research. Get involved.
  • Celebrate Mother’s Day by going on a lovely walk together. Or if you’re unable to be with her today make it a well-deserved self-care day and take yourself out instead!
  • Spring is here. Longer and lighter days are ahead which means you can enjoy walking in the daylight even more. Check out our walking routes for inspiration.
  • 100 Miles in March for Mind Charity – be part of this movement by walking, running, jogging, or wheeling 100 miles this month to raise money and awareness for better physical and mental health. Find out how to get involved.

Let us know what goals you’re setting yourself this month by tagging @GMWalks in your pictures or using the hashtag #GMWalking! We’d love to know how you get on.

Download your Walking Calendar for this month below!

Download the calendar here

We will be updating this page each month with new calendars, ideas, and challenges to encourage more walking across Greater Manchester!

You can also find information on the calendars in our monthly GM Walking Newsletters. Sign up by completing the ‘Stay in the loop’ form below.

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