The Greater Manchester Way

Find your way and see where it takes you!

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Our new campaign—The Greater Manchester Way—is all about inspiring people to consider walking in their everyday lives.

It’s about helping people to connect with the idea that walking has a lot more to offer, and highlighting the multitude of benefits that walking can bring. By showing the real reasons people walk, and what they get from it, we want to help people to help people to choose to be more active.

The Greater Manchester Way embodies a pioneering spirit. There are so many different ways to walk in Greater Manchester, but we want everyone to find their own way, and see where it can take them.

With an initial burst of activity in August 2020, and continuing through the autumn, our campaign will bring stories, poetry and colour to the streets of Greater Manchester. Some things to look out for include:


We’re bringing real people’s walking stories to life. Watch out for their stories on posters and billboards near you. You might even spot them walking by!


Our Greater Manchester Way film will be showing on ITV On Demand and All 4 —as well as YouTube and social media—throughout the campaign. See if you can spot any of your favourite walking spots! We’re also bringing walking stories to life with some short films, something else to look out for.


As well as TV, you can hear our Greater Manchester Way radio spot from August, playing on stations across Greater Manchester including Hits Radio, Wish FM, Tower FM and Revolution 96.


We’ll be banging the drum on social media with a full calendar of posts. Whatever your favourite channel, keep updated on all the latest walking activity by following us on twitter and facebook @GMWalks !

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