Claire's walking story

"Rollers and Strollers has grown from just four walkers the first time we met"

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Meet Claire...

“Starting a pram-walking group for new parents not long after having my baby may have been a slightly crazy, sleep-deprived idea at the time, but it’s grown into something wonderful.

Rollers and Strollers has grown from just four people the first time we walked to many more who come along regularly to enjoy our pram-friendly walks in green spaces across south Manchester, and of course the all-important coffee and cake at the end!

Although group activities were halted at the start of lockdown, I’ve been able to start walking again recently with my family which has been really valuable and provided me with some much needed exercise and respite. I’m looking forward to meeting with the group soon and can’t wait to explore new routes in our local area.

I’m really pleased to have been able to tell my walking story through The Greater Manchester Way campaign and I’m excited to hear and read all of the other stories.”

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