Informal Walking Champions

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Walking is natural, we’ve always done it!

And walking with other people can be a great way to catch up, build friendships or just have fun. Meeting up with others to walk doesn’t always need to be formally arranged, sometimes it can just happen if the mood takes you or the time is right.

This impromptu walking usually takes someone to announce they will be going for a walk and inviting others to join them. That walking ‘champion’ could be you.

These downloadable resources help explain how you can encourage others to walk more, and how this can make you a Walking Champion.

To become an Informal Walking Champion in Greater Manchester (GM)
you just need a passion for walking!

There is no need for specific walk leader training. Just ask someone to join you and take the first step.
Getting help and support to enable informal walking.

If you feel you need some support to help others to walk more, you may want to consider attending an informal walking workshop hosted by GM Walking. If you are passionate about walking and you are in a position to encourage others to become more active through walking more often, this workshop could help.

What does a Walking Champion do?

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Becoming an Informal Walking Champion

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Walking Champions during Covid

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What is informal group walking?

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Why choose walking to be more active?

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