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GM Walking has given grants to local voluntary and community groups with the aim of getting Greater Manchester walking. We offered the grants to support a huge range of activities that encourage people who are usually less active to start or to increase the amount they walk regularly.

One of the groups benefitting from this was Inside Track CIC, which is based in Bolton. Here we look at what they did and how they got on.

Who is Inside Track Employment CIC?

Inside Track Employment CIC is a not-for-profit social enterprise set up in 2008. Through mentoring and coaching, they support individuals from disadvantaged groups, particularly newly settled migrants, to access employment and self-employment, volunteering and health and wellbeing opportunities.

Inside Track Employment CIC’s service users often struggle with issues such as language barriers, past physical and mental traumas due to armed conflict, anxieties over immigration status, hate crime and isolation. Since 2008, working in partnership with a range of other local organisations, they have delivered a number of successful projects tackling these specific issues.

Who did you hope to engage with?

Newly settled migrants and refugees living in the Breightmet area of Bolton.

What did they aim to do?

The aim of the project was to set up a remote support service to support ten vulnerable migrant households through the challenges of COVID-19. The project distributed emergency food vouchers to the households, and while there, had conversations about the benefits of walking to mental and physical health in such difficult times. The service users were encouraged to build walking into their daily lives and get out walking more with friends and family.

How did it go?

The project was very successful and established positive relationships between the project leaders and the households being supported. The emergency food vouchers provided to the households, as well as being much needed, were an excellent conversation starter. During subsequent conversations, the service users developed an awareness of the many benefits of walking and staying active, including the mental, physical and economic benefits.

For more information

To find out more about Inside Track Employment CIC, the activities on offer and how you can get involved, please see

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