New maps for walking, wheeling, and cycling in North Trafford

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New route maps for walking, wheeling, and cycling have been developed with and for communities in Old Trafford and Gorse Hill

The routes are designed to be safe, accessible, and inclusive for everyone, and prioritise points of interest and green spaces, as well as being child-friendly and away from busy roads.

In April, as part of Right to the Streets, Greater Manchester Moving convened residents, partners, and stakeholders in and around North Trafford to understand where people walk, wheel, and cycle.

Contributions from over 40 people, along with insight from walkabout workshops and ideas from a launch event in October, helped shape an action plan.

The plan aimed to provide opportunities and inspiration for more women and girls to walk, wheel, and cycle in and around North Trafford without safety fears.

Love Old Trafford led and coordinated the creation of the routes which connect and align with other Right to the Streets interventions including arts trails, murals, and sound walks.

They also take in wider projects and programmes led by Trafford Council, Seymour Park Primary School, and other partners, including Safer School Streets and the GM Walking Festival.

Louise Robbins, Walking and Active Environments Lead, said:

“We were keen to know what the community in Old Trafford and Gorse Hill wanted to improve and empower more people to choose active ways of moving around their area.

“Everyone has a right to welcoming, safe active and joyful streets, and we hope that these maps, alongside Right to the Streets movement, can play a part in making this a reality.

“If you’re passing through North Trafford or live, work, or play in the area, check out the maps and let us know what you think.”

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Find the Old Trafford map below

Download the map here

Find the Gorse Hill map below

Download the map here

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