Openshaw Park, Gigg and Springs Walk


2.9 miles long

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Route description

1. From the corner of Pimhole Road and Rochdale Road (by the Church of St Thomas and Openshaw Park), head south down Pimhole Road onto School Street passing St Thomas’s Primary School and Pimhole Community Farm on your left. Continue along the path under the East Lancashire Railway Bridge.

2. Cross over the footbridge with the River Roch now to your left, up a slight incline, then keeping to the footpath follow the river south.

3. After going past a wooden gate (that gives access to this part of the trail) follow the path south along Redmere Drive, then take the path off to the left which takes you behind the houses, with the River Roch now in sight again on your left.

4. After a slight incline, at a junction in the path, you will see the cemetery on your right and Goshen Sports Fields in front of you. Take the path on your right at the end of the cemetery wall to walk up onto St Peters Road.

5. At the main entrance to Bury cemetery, turn right staying on the main route through the cemetery now heading north towards Gigg Lane.

6. On leaving the cemetery, turn right onto Gigg Lane. Continue down Gigg Lane to a mini roundabout with Alfred Street.

7. Turn left onto Alfred Street now heading north passing Pilot Mill, previously the home of Antler Luggage and Suitcase production. Continue up Alfred Street crossing back over the East Lancashire Railway Bridge.

8. From the bridge take your 5th turn on the right onto Nuttall Street, at the bottom of the street turn left onto James Street.

9. Head north up James Street passing the garages on the right.

10. At the junction with Hurst Street, turn right and follow Hurst Street heading East through the pedestrian barriers back to Pimhole Road turning left back to the start point by the Church of St Thomas and Openshaw Park.

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