Wigan Borough Walks – Golborne


Route 1 - 1.75 miles, Route 2 - 2 miles, Route 3 - 2.5 miles miles long

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Our Golborne maps are part of a series of self-led walking routes have been carefully selected for local people to explore. We hope that you enjoy exploring what Wigan Borough has to offer. The maps aim to highlight local routes that are suitable for both leisure walks and active travel such as commuting or visiting local amenities and raise awareness of the Bee Network.

Route 1 – 1.75 miles
Route 2 – 2 miles. This route is accessible and suitable for wheelchairs and buggies/prams
Route 3 – 2.5 miles

Find maps for all 3 routes below.

Route 1


Route 2


Route 3


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